5 000 Upsettis are ready to be deployed in the field and conquer the MOVR blockchain. Are you going to be conquering it with us, chef?
Be ready to hop on board!


Upsetti Spaghetti is a limited collection of 5000 unique,
randomly generated creatures from over 176+ traits chilling
on the MOVR blockchain as ERC-721 NFTs, hosted on IPFS.

Royalties from secondary market sales will be distributed among
all holders and minters in a 30%/30% form, while the remaining 40%
will be used entirely for marketing purposes.


Current Progress: 1.80%



15 Upsetti Spaghetti will be airdropped to the first 15 people that will join our Discord server, while a few days before the mint there will be another 100 airdrops available.


10 Upsetti Spaghetti will be given away from the reserve to 10 lucky holders randomly chosen.



Vacation Giveaway

One lucky holder will win a fully paid vacation in ITALY for one week (Flights + Hotel).

5 MOVR Giveaway

5 Lucky holders will be chosen for 1 MOVR airdrop each.



FIRST Donation

2.5% from primary sales will be donated to World Food Programme.

10 MOVR Giveaway

10 Lucky holders will be chosen for 1 MOVR airdrop each.



Vacation Giveaway

One lucky holder will win a fully paid vacation in ITALY for one week (Flights + Hotel).

SECOND Donation

2.5% from primary sales will be donated to The Hunger Project.



40 MOVR Giveaway

4 Lucky holders will be chosen for 10 MOVR airdrop each.

50 MOVR Giveaway

2 Lucky holders will be chosen for 25 MOVR airdrop each.



THIRD Donation

2.5% from primary sales will be donated to Action Against Hunger.

FOURTH Donation

2.5% from primary sales will be donated to Rise Against Hunger.




An elixir is being developed to turn back Upsettis in Humans, be ready holders, an Airdrop is about to be served.

Charity donations

We as a team are proud to announce that 10% of minting will go to non-profitable organizations working to end hunger around the world, so we are not just delivering nft's, but we're also focusing on helping those who are mostly in need. To make this happen we thought that a project based on a character made of spaghetti would perfectly match with the idea of giving to the people who don't get the opportunity to have food on the table every day. Here are some associations we will contact for the cause, for more info just send us a message on Twitter, Discord or Telegram

World Food Programme

One of the largest UN agencies helping 86.7 million people in around 83 countries every year, and delivering food assistance in places of emergencies, as well as working with communities to build resilience and improve nutrition.

The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project is an international non-profit organization with a vision of “a world where every woman, man and child lead a healthy, fulfilling life of self-reliance and dignity”. The Hunger Projects implements programs in Asia, Africa and South America, that aim to mobilize rural communities to achieve sustainable progress in nutrition, family hunger, health and education.

Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger is a global organization that works to end hunger around the world. The primary goal of the organization’s primary goal is to create a better way to deal with hunger and malnutrition in nearly 50 countries. The organization employs around 7.500 field staff who assist more than 21 million people in emergencies caused by food crises, natural disasters and conflicts.

Rise Against Hunger

This organization is focused on ending hunger around the world by supporting safety nets, implementing crisis relief and boosting agricultural production, by empowering communities, nourishing lives and responding to emergencies among other actions.


Every Upsetti Spaghetti Monster in this collection is cool and unique in its own way, all of them are generated through a combination of 176+ different traits.
The kitchen has been working on providing several menus to the clientele, everyone will get the chance
to get a taste!






















Upsetti Spaghetti World

It was a bright and sunny day outside when Ryan after work decided to head to the fanciest Italian restaurant in town. He ordered the typical spaghetti alla carbonara and after patiently waiting for his order, and almost running late for work, as Ryan got his food served, he realized the food had a really bad taste. “It can’t be!” he argued, “this never happened before, and not only I waited long enough, but the food taste incredibly BAD”. While the waitress was hard-trying to handle the pressure, she grabbed the dish and went back to the kitchen to prioritize Ryan’s order. Unfortunately, that day not only Ryan had a hard time and an unusual attitude, but also ... the chef seemed to be. With anger and hatred chef Alberto grabbed a secret experimental elixir he made and poured it into Ryan’s spaghetti alla carbonara. He was still upset even with the new dish served, and as he started eating his great-looking spaghetti he also started feeling sick. He tried to convince himself that his anger issues patterns are the cause of those stomach aches, like a chemical reaction; but this time, it was not the case. In pain, Ryan put down his fork, stood up ready to walk towards the toilet, but he failed to walk and fell on the ground, everyone heard the noise of his body hitting the floor and suddenly turned around, and they all started screaming, "HIS LEGS ARE NOW SPAGHETTI" screamed the waitress. Nobody knew what to do, everybody was just in panic, the waitress called 911, while spaghettis was taking over Ryan’s body, he was no longer a human anymore. It was at that moment when he knew, Ryan turned around, saw chef Alberto, and ran after him when at the first touch he also got infected. The two spaghetti monsters looked at each other, and pointed out the mission to turn every person into a “spaghetti monster”, and walk together their path onto the new world, the Upsetti Spaghetti Monster world.


Our goal is to start expanding the NFT industry in the Moonriver space. All Upsetti's attributes have been singularly hand-drawn and 100% Made in Italy, randomly assembled with Pastascript. We're looking forward to see you in the kitchen with us.


Artist, hate pineapple on pizza.


Community manager, Bigoli lover.