First of all, you need the Metamask wallet extension installed on your browser, set up on MOONRIVER blockchain, more info here, and MOVR coin used on the MOONRIVER network. You can buy MOVR at so-called exchanges, here are some: Kucoin Kraken Gate.io Bkex. Once you have bought some MOVR in an exchange, you'll need to transfer some or all of that MOVR from the exchange to your Metamask wallet, for some help you can find our discord link down below.

To buy the NFT, sync your MetaMask wallet to this website. You'll then see a "Mint" button. You'll be able to choose up how many Upsettis you want to mint. The software will automatically introduce the amount you need to transfer in MetaMask, once confirmed you're ready to go.

Our GENERAL SALE event will take place on Monday 15th November from 20:00 UTC, general public will be able to mint up to 20 NFTs per tx at a price of 0.55 MOVR per NFT.

The minting price will be 0.55 MOVR.

The marketplace we have chosen is Moonbeans.

Yes, 60 tokens will be kept in our reserve for marketing and giveaways.

Yes, we plan to periodically reward active and verified members of our community, join our Discord for more info.

If the 4 associations will not accept MOVR, we will convert them into BTC or ETH, if this will not be accepted anyway we will contact other associations, all of our donation events will be streamed live.

Never, ever, give anyone your private keys, passphrases, recovery phrases, seed phrases or any other phrases. Don't click links you don't trust 100%. Don't download files at random. If you do, you can lose all your assets and nobody will be able to help you. One of the most common scams in the crypto space involves social engineering. Be super careful when people reach out to you on Discord, Twitter or Telegram; they can try to impersonate people you know or public figures, or simply members of the Upsetti Spaghetti team. Members of the Upsetti Spaghetti team will never reach out to you via Direct/Private Messages, nor ask you for your personal information, your passwords, your phrases, or anything like that. We are here to help you, though, so don't hesitate to reach out to us on Discord, Telegram, Twitter and Instagram. Upsetti Spaghetti are only available for sale here, on our website, at upsettispaghetti.wtf.